Her Whitetail Deer Hunting Quest │ First Hunt



There is a swell of huntresses, more specifically women bow hunters entering the hunting scene and the outdoor industry. The Buck Advisors’ very own Jessica Johnson is featured in “Her Quest Series” as she attempts to take her first deer with a bow

Featured with the new the Quest Storm DTH package and G5 Pink Montec, Buck Advisors Jessica Johnson is on a quest for her first bow kill. A doe makes a great first target but there are several great bucks roaming the property. Her Fiancé Weston Schrank is behind the camera on November 7th as they sit a bean field on a small 70 acre property.

Jessica picked up the Strom bow new for 2015 this fall and has practiced every day in order to sit in the stand for her first bow kill. While this hunt proved to be slow she will continue her pursuit.

Follow Jessica Johnson in the “Her Quest Series” only on the Buck Advisors.

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