Bucks Visit Scrapes Post Rain During The Rut



Part 2 of Why Bucks Hit Scrapes after the rain looks at some case studies from Indiana, where The Buck Advisors’ Weston Schrank had set out Moultrie trail cams in order to capture post rain scrape activity.

The second part of our Why Bucks Hit Scrapes After Rain series looks at Weston Schrank’s Indiana property where he set up a series of trail cameras to capture activity. As expected there were several bucks in and around the scrapes after a major rain event pushed through. This shows the need for bucks (and does) to refreshen scrapes, enhancing communication, between deer during the whitetail rut.

Weston even used this strategy to encounter a great buck named “Oscar,” but he couldn’t seal the deal.

With a large rain front pushing across much of the U.S., deer hunters should play the breaks in the rain to catch bucks refreshening scrapes during the rut.

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