Big Rutting Buck Shot at 20 yards



Weston Schrank of The Buck Advisors’, puts an arrow in his hit list buck “Oscar,” but is it enough to take the big Indiana Whitetail off his feet? Follow his journey from start to finish!

This is my first true buck I have put sights on. I made observations, made a plan, executed it completely, but failed…

My story first started with Oscar in the summer. He was our first big buck to come back to the property during the home range bucks go through in September. He returned in episode Crops down, Bucks up!”. Soon after he disappeared and we wrote him off for the hunting season thinking his home range would not expand into the property during the hunting season.

Fast forward to late October. A Moultrie A-5 game camera had picked up several videos of Oscar working a mock scrape in a section of timber usually not hunted. In the episode “Its time to get in a tree!” I moved in for my first aggressive hunt for Oscar, turning into a great but unsuccessful encounter.

This buck turned out to be harder to kill than previously thought.

Fast forward again to November 10th. An extremely slow hunt suddenly exploded when the G2 kicker and white tines strolled through shooting lanes. A quick grunt got this buck within 20 yards.

In the video you can tell he again silhouetted me in the stand forcing me to take the shot. While the arrow never struck a limb, the shot was low and ended in 700 yard track job, 18 hours, and 7.8 miles of grid searching. We are still looking for this buck but are moving forward to the mindset that Oscar is alive and we will see his face again during the late season.

I want to thank everyone on Facebook for the support during this gut wrenching situation. I know we all have or might experience this someday, and at that time we just wish we could relive that particular minute of our life.

Do you have a stomach churning moment with a buck or opinions on my situation…Tell us about it on Facebook or on our Forums!

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