Locating Big Bucks During Rut with Moultrie Trail Cameras



The whitetail rut is firing up and we are trying to nail down patterns on bucks with our trail cameras. The Buck Advisors’, Weston Schrank, is locating big bucks on his properties with the help of some reliable Moultrie trail cameras.

Placing a lot of game cameras in several locations all across your hunting property will give you a good sample area. The locations need to be prime spots where bucks will be searching for and pushing does in.

In this case Buck Advisors’ Weston Schrank is placing several inexpensive but reliable cameras fanned out across the property over funnels. This one in particular is on a funnel in between two early successional areas that act as main doe bedding areas. Mature bucks will no doubt be scent checking and pushing hot does between and out of these bedding areas throughout the rut.

Check these camera locations often and get aggressive this time of year…now is the time to fill your tag!

The Moultrie A-5 Gen 2 cameras are inexpensive but reliable and allow you to get a bigger bang for your buck…especially when multiple cameras can help dial in on a giant!

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