Rattling Your Way To Late Whitetail Rut Hunting Success



Many deer hunters love to rattle early in the season, but often the late season rattling can be the most effective when there is a surplus of bucks fighting for the few does left to come into estrous.

Rattling during the rut can be extremely effective. Many deer hunters believe rattling is most successful when the rut starts. However, listen to The Buck Advisors’ deer biologist, Jeremy Flinn, discuss the effectiveness of rattling in the late whitetail rut.

With the amount of bucks scrambling to find the last few does in estrous, rattling during the later stages of the rut can be more effective because of the increased competition for does. Remember that most fights will not last more than 30 seconds, and to keep mature bucks believing there is a real buck fight happening, stick to short, intense fighting sequences.

As bucks get within view, then look towards calls like grunts or snort-wheezes to draw the bucks into range.

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