Public Land Whitetail Deer Hunting Update



The pursuit for a big public land whitetail buck continues. Join The Buck Advisors’ Jeremy Flinn as he goes over some of the most recent public land hunts, and manages to put some venison in the freezer.

Public land is almost never easy, but in a year like this it’s even truer. Warmer temperatures have bucks moving mostly at night, and recent heavy rain has put a dampening on things. Activity has been few and far between.

We had some chasing on November 8th, but all before dark as two waves of bucks chased passed the stand. That same evening we saw our first buck during daylight hours, but only a glimpse. However, I was fortunate enough to take a big mature doe, my first with my 2015 hunting bow the Prime Rival, which I will gladly add to my disappearing venison stock in the freezer.

All is not completely lost and the journey will continue for a public land giant whitetail.

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