Self Filmed Hunt │ Indiana Whitetail Buck Shot with Muzzleloader



Big Buck Down! The Buck Advisors’ Weston Schrank capitalizes on all his hard work this summer and fall to put down a great Indiana whitetail with the muzzleloader, and he managed to capture it all on film!

An absolutely gorgeous morning in the whitetail woods unfolds quickly into a defining moment for The Buck Advisors’ Weston Schrank. The hunt takes place on a small 70 acre property in southern Indiana. Multiple 130s-150s bucks have been taken off this property in recent years, no doubt due to its habitat management plan and goals. This year follows the script…

After a rattle sequence this 130s 10 point named “Dallas” works is way out of a bedding area looking for a fight. In recent videos, The Buck Advisors’ Jeremy Flinn and Weston Schrank explained when the lockdown phase of the rut takes place, and how to bust this lockdown phase. November 22nd is when the Midwest and more specifically southern Indiana starts to claw its way out of the lockdown phase of the whitetail rut. Big bucks start searching for does again and their testosterone levels are high. Giving them a challenge with a rattle sequence, grunts, and a decoy are all extremely effective tactics during this late November time period.

Weston put in a lot of work this year and filmed every part of the journey and story.

From the summer work of scouting and food plots to the highs and lows of the hunting season including his encounters and unfortunate stomach turning moment with “Oscar” a hit list buck.

Help us congratulate Weston on his biggest buck to date and first buck killed in film!

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