How to Correctly Create a Small Food Plot and Food Plot in the Woods.



Whether you are just starting out or equipment, money, and time is limited…settling for a small food plot is not as bad as it seems. These small food plots and food plots in the woods can turn out to be some of the most effective and successful food plots!

A lot of guys like to experiment with these plots because they are either starting out or just end up making small food plots because they lack equipment money or time. Fortunately for them, these small food plots and food plots in the woods can turn out to be some of the most effective and successful food plots! But unfortunately, there are a lot of videos and articles out there that give very misleading information.

 One, you need to clear and plant the plot correctly and two plant it with a good species for the given conditions. Clearing is pretty straight forward, find the area you are wishing to plant, cut the bigger trees and brush out with a chainsaw. Go through and spray glyphosate or RoundUp to kill all the weeds. You could broadcast the seed in then but I recommend taking a wee dater through it and then taking a hard rake to expose bare soil. You could also burn it off. It is hard to justify taking soil samples for such a small plot, but any basic fertilizers you can add will greatly help. Once you have done that you are ready to plant, Wait till a good rain, and broadcast your seed out. It’s straight forward until you get to deciding on what you need to plant.

Do not go buy a “not till”, or “throw-n-grow” kind of seed bag at a hardware store or outdoor shop, you will just waste your time. Not all but some are filled with species that are no better than the weeds you just killed. The best species for these type of plots are clovers, my favorite is Durana, or second best ladino. You could also do a mix of different white and red clovers. They are shade tolerant, grow thick, and can withstand constant browse. They are also very easy to manage with herbicides because you’re not throwing them into a mix with say wheat or oats.

If small food plots and food plots in the woods are prepared and planted correctly with suitable species they make for exceptional fall staging areas for early season bow hunting.

For a more detailed explanation of these small food plots In the woods including establishment and maintenance of these plots and just other general information visit

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