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Going After a Public Land Giant?

STEVE SMOLENSKI 08/30/2015 Public land for whitetail hunting has fallen into a horrible stereotype. For some areas, this may be true, but for others, there are giant whitetails lurking in the woods. I’m out today scouting one of my favorite areas. An area that might resemble some public land around you hunt. And that’s large […]

Do you Plant Deer Habitat?

STEVE SMOLENSKI 08/19/2015 The Buck Advisors, Jared Prusia, discusses his strategy and efforts to create better deer habitat on his new property by planting pines. This past year, my father and I started managing a new property in eastern Ohio. As I always do with a new piece of management ground, I went right to […]

Super 8 and the Three Year Quest

STEVE SMOLENSKI 08/29/2015 All I had were visions of the trail camera pictures gathered from that year. That season ended with Super 8 living up to his elusive reputation. There are not many deer out there you can watch grow up. One known as Super 8 was an amazing mainframe 8 that had been watched […]