Deer Food Plots | Dual Perimeter Electric Fence Troubleshooting and Maintenance


Once a food plot protective fence goes down, the gig is up. But there are still some options to keep whitetails out of the food plot.

The Dual perimeter Electric fence protecting the small soybean plot has been effective for the majority of the summer, but has ran into some problems. Over the holiday weekend, a doe or buck got tangled in the fence and dropped a section between posts. Just one instance of this, when the electricity is gone or has little left can ruin this set up. Once the fence loses the visual 3D effect and the power to scare the deer away they figure out they can jump right over it.  After this the gig is up, there is not much you can do. And the way I figure it I have three options.

Option one I simply take the fence down, and hope for more success next year. The benefits of this are the deer here are going to have more access to protein for the remaining summer. It also gives me a chance to scout and film velvet bucks. When August comes, I will broadcast forage rape and oats over the beans, giving me something to hunt over during deer season.

Option two, I raise the wires up a notch or two, ensure it’s not grounded by weeds, and check it often to keep it effective till at least bow season. In this case I would also broadcast my fall mix over the beans around august, ensuring I have more food there all of deer season.

Option three is a combination, I’ll again try and get the fence to work, but prepare for the worst. My plan is to come through and plant another 30-40 lbs. of beans per acre. This will give these beans a head start in the incident that deer keep coming in the plot. This will hopefully extend the life of the beans out another month. Again in August, I will come through and plant my fall food plot. In any case I’m going to put up a camera, see when the deer are coming in and out of the plot, and see if I can’t pattern a mature buck early this season, and get some velvet footage.

For now  I am going with option three and like I said I will keep you updated on this project, and other projects, Too see these updates and get information on this or anything else white-tailed deer find the buck advisors online at

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